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Flatirons Jouve annonce la sortie de CORENA Cloud pour les compagnies aériennes de petite et moyenne flottes

Calendar 3 October 2017

Flavrons Jouve is pleased to announce the release of CORENA Cloud, a fully hosted software and service solution for managing maintenance and operations information, which for the first time puts the power of CORENA Fleet in the hands of small and medium sized airlines. Unlike traditional OEM solutions that OEMs have access to for technical information management and require installation and configuration at the customer site, CORENA Cloud is fully hosted and preconfigured in accordance with industry best practices.

CORENA Cloud is based on proven CORENA Suite products, including CORENA Insight for content management while maintaining compliance, CORENA Pinpoint for distribution of interactive electronic technical publications and manuals, and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for access to information fleet on moving supports wherever necessary. CORENA Cloud also includes CORENA Managed Content Services for turnkey up-to-date OEM upgrades, and for Customer Credits Submission (COCs).

CORENA Suite solutions are used by seven of the world’s top ten airlines and by leading engine and component manufacturers to manage their technical information and publish operational and maintenance manuals for end users in the field.

The CORENA Fleet solution, at the core of CORENA Cloud, is gradually emerging as the benchmark for airlines seeking to exceed the capabilities of OEM solutions to achieve greater productivity in maintenance, a better use of the aircraft, and an improvement in the level of services provided to passengers, in compliance with the regulations in force. CORENA Cloud supports a wide range of aircraft, engines, components and document types with a single system, enabling mobile access to critical technical information.

“We are delighted to launch this important solution for small and medium-sized airlines,” said JD Sillion, Solutions Director at Flatirons Jouve. “CORENA Cloud provides capabilities that can change the game for mobile delivery of accurate, relevant and timely technical information for operators seeking a competitive advantage.

The CORENA Cloud service is available today for maintenance or flight operations applications; the relevant additional information can be found at .

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