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White Paper: Making a Business Case for S1000D

Will S1000D help us do more for less? And can you prove it? Demonstrating cost reductions of 20% to 63%, this White Paper tells the true story about Return On Investment and helps you establish a business case for S1000D.

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White Paper: Technical Information as an ROI for Modern Airlines

Fleet operators are continually looking for a competitve edge to drive improved efficiencies and levels of service. This white paper addresses that demand through insights to the productivity savings and cost redistributions that can be made through the adoption of a best-of-breed maintenance technical information platform and associated best practise in order to transform tech pubs into an ROI engine rather than merely a cost of doing business.

Technical Information as an ROI Engine for Modern Airlines

White Paper: How to Simplify Complex Records Management in Compliance-Driven Organizations

Records Management is at its next crossroads. Yesterday’s Records Management approaches simply cannot keep up with today’s complex regulatory environment and the sheer volume of records being produced. What’s needed is a strategic and technologically savvy solution that simplifies the complexity of Records Management for compliant-driven organizations. This white paper explains why traditional methods fall short and what to look for in a next-generation Records Management solution.

White Paper: A Comparison of Software and Services Approaches to TechPubs

This White Paper examines options for meeting these emerging business challenges, including traditional software solutions, outsourced service provider platforms, in-and hybrid approaches that seek to combine the benefits of both models while mitigating the risks and disadvantages of either.


This white paper explains how S1000D Business Rules are used to facilitate a successful S1000D implementation and provides guidance on how to approach Business Rules development. It explains the difference between Business Rules and BREX and provides tips on how to avoid some common and costly mistakes when developing your S1000D Business Rules.

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Data Sheet: CORENA Insight Mobile

CORENA Insight Mobile is built on the proven Business Process Management (BPM) platform used by CORENA Insight. CORENA Insight Mobile extends CORENA Insight by providing a rich environment to build and deploy interactive mobile applications without the need for programming. CORENA Insight Mobile provides an end-to-end solution that also includes workflow features to automate follow-on activities based on forms data captured in real-time, and reporting capabilities to analyze areas of improvement based on information gathered or provide process visibility on work associated with inbound requests.

Data Sheet: Flatirons Jouve's Patent Management Solution

Data on trademark and patent applications require an effective industrial backbone and high-quality processing. Whether preparing applications, classifying large data volumes, or semantic searches, Flatirons Jouve can help you at each step of your business processes to ensure you are supplied with reliable, comprehensive information. This is combined with premium services enabling you to access this data easily.

Data Sheet: CORENA Fleet – Maintenance

The Flatirons Fleet Solution features a suite of applications and a comprehensive set of services designed to address the unique challenges of mixed-fleet and multi-spec operators. It provides complete and streamlined production management of extensive sets of multi-OEM and multi-spec data — iSpec 2200 for legacy fleets and S1000D for a range of new-generation aircraft programs — while providing multi-faceted interfaces for technicians. The Flatirons Fleet Solution also provides capabilities for revision management of component documents in PDF or other file formats for distribution across internal and external MRO networks.

Data Sheet: CORENA Cloud for Flight Ops

CORENA Cloud for Flight Ops is a hosted software solution that provides seamless access to the latest flight ops manuals and company manuals for flight and cabin crew where and when they are needed. CORENA Cloud is based on CORENA Fleet for Flight Ops — a proven solution used by some of the world’s most successful airlines to improve service levels, raise on-time departure rates, and maximize revenue per available seat mile (RASM).

Data Sheet: CORENA Cloud for Maintenance

CORENA Cloud for Maintenance is a hosted software solution that allows small and medium-sized airlines to deliver the latest maintenance documents to aircraft engineers via tablets and other mobile devices for single system access to all of the information needed to service multi-vendor aircraft, engines, and components.

Data Sheet: CORENA Insight

CORENA Insight 7 is a state-of-the-art business process management (BPM) platform for the sophisticated orchestration of content lifecycle activities that automate and streamline generally inefficient, office-based processes. Tightly integrated with CORENA Suite, CORENA Insight 7 provides maximum efficiency by managing processes and making them visible throughout every step of the change process.

Data Sheet: CORENA Fleet with Flight Ops Module

Download our data sheet to learn how the CORENA Fleet solution provides seamless access to the latest flight manuals and company manuals for flight crew and cabin crew where and when they are needed. Find out how the CORENA Fleet solution provides a robust authoring environment optimized for content reuse, interactivity, and revision management.

Data Sheet: CORENA Pinpoint

Part of the fully integrated CORENA Suite of technical publishing products for the full content lifecycle, CORENA Pinpoint is a single, powerful viewer for accessing all technical information associated with multi-OEM and multi-program aircraft fleets, engines and components.

Data Sheet: CORENA Manufacturer

The CORENA Manufacturer Solution gives OEMs the ability to create and reuse component to meet varied program needs, including mobile delivery as well as advanced styling and legacy paper formats, from a single state of the art publishing solution.

Data Sheet: eEnabled Software Management (eESM)

eESM was designed in cooperation between the aircraft system engineering of Lufthansa Technik AG and Flatirons Solutions. It is part of Lufthansa Technik’s innovative eEnabled Software Management solution also encompassing the certified PDL-Adapter plate and portable data loaders provided by TechSAT.

Data Sheet: CORENA Managed Content Services

Flatirons Jouve provides managed technical authoring, engineering, and illustration services to some of the world’s largest aviation OEMs and Operators, as well as high-tech manufacturers.

Flatirons Managed Services

Data Sheet: CORENA Pinpoint Mobile

Part of the fully integrated CORENA Suite of technical publishing products for the full content lifecycle, CORENA Pinpoint Mobile brings the power of XML-driven content personalization to a wide range of mobile devices for dramatically higher levels of technician productivity compared to traditional paper or laptop-based work processes.

Flatirons Managed Services

Brochure: AR in Aviation

Augmented and virtual reality have now reached a mainstream tipping point, thanks to a wide-ranging set of advancements including the enabling technologies, data gathering/analytics capabilities, and operational best practices outlined in this paper. The long-awaited maturation of AR/VR brings many organizations to an important crossroads where doing “business as usual” is no longer a viable option for those wishing to remain competitive. Flatirons Jouve is committed to fully leveraging the power of this new technology to improve the experience of asset operators in the field, and for manufacturers seeking to improve the customer experience for their products. With more than 25 years of demonstrated success in shifting the paradigm of technical publications – first from print to digital, then from digital to mobile – we are well-positioned to help our customer reap the benefits of the AR/VR revolution that’s underway.

Flatirons Managed Services

Training Development Services

We do this by developing training programs that include SCORM compliant content development, technical illustrations, 3D animations and audio/video production as well as hosting of learning management systems. By developing high-quality training programs for both new staff and experienced team members, you can increase the pro ciency and productivity of your team while helping to ensure smooth and safe operation of your products and complex equipment.

Download Brochure: Flatirons -- Training Development Services

Case Study: CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for American Airlines

Learn how we applied our CORENA Pinpoint Mobile solution to deliver mobile, interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) for American Airlines.

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Article: A New Approach to Measuring the Effect of Weather on NAS Performance

Co-authored by Flatirons Solutions’ Director of Operations Analytics Erich Parker, this informative article examines new approaches for determining the effect of weather on the National Airspace System (NAS). The article appears in the Summer, 2010 edition of The Journal of Air Traffic Control.

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