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Flight Ops in Dallas

Calendar 24 January 2017 | User Anna Rice | Tag

The Flatirons team wrapped up the Flatirons Flight Ops Workshop, an event we organized for our Flight Ops Solution customers, last week. The workshop was graciously hosted by Southwest Airlines, a Flatirons Flight Ops Solution customer, and was held at their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The event kicked off with several sessions discussing the solution roadmap for Flight Ops, as well as a demo of the new M090 and M100 releases. Attendees were treated to a demo of the newest product from Flatirons, CORENA Insight 7. This demo garnered a lot of excitement from the audience. On day two of the workshop, the customer caucus was held. This session allows clients to discuss issues together in a closed-door atmosphere and always results in meaningful feedback for the Flatirons team. This allows us to better understand our customers’ needs. As always, we really appreciate our clients’ participation and look forward to our next meeting.

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