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New CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile Releases Make Aircraft Maintainers More Efficient

Calendar 2 October 2018

BOULDER – Flatirons Solutions® is pleased to announce the general availability of new versions of its CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile applications, the latest generation of the company’s industry-leading Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) viewers for aircraft maintainers.

CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile are manufacturer-independent viewers that allow airline operators and OEM aftermarket service teams to access airframe, engine, and component maintenance manuals and task cards.  By providing a source for all technical publications, CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile can unleash aircraft maintenance technician productivity improvements of up to 30% over traditional viewers.

Built to support any device, any content, and any back-end publishing system, CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile can be deployed standalone or as part of a full publishing suite.  The latest release includes a number of ground-breaking new features, including:

  • Support for multi-vendor aircraft models, including the new generation aircraft and their associated engines. CORENA Pinpoint Mobile provides access to tech pubs for S1000D specification aircraft alongside iSpec 2200 specification aircraft for optimum usability.
  • Advancements in data synchronization to reduce content payload size to accommodate the low bandwidth conditions, with incremental downloads that target only revised or newly added material.
  • Enhanced PDF functionality, including support for Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs), as well as new search and indexing features for PDF manual supplements to complement the viewer’s traditional XML/XHTML strengths.
  • Greater interactivity, including wiring diagram improvements, new multimedia features (including 3D VRML, X3D, and MP4 compatibility), dynamic stylesheets that adapt to S1000D data inputs, and S1000D process logic support for guided troubleshooting to drive more efficient and productive maintenance.
  • Read and sign functionality to capture acknowledgment of new content revisions from end-user maintainers, an important feature that promotes improved maintenance efficiency and regulatory compliance.

“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile”, stated Vice President of Solution Management Olivier Joufflineau.  “With each successive generation of the software, we’ve advanced the state of the art in aircraft maintenance.  CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile help airlines and manufacturers turn technical information management into a source of dramatic new efficiencies, not just a cost of doing business.”

To learn more about CORENA Pinpoint or CORENA Pinpoint Mobile, or the CORENA Fleet and CORENA Manufacturer solutions that leverage them, please visit the Flatirons Solutions website at  CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile will be demonstrated as part of an upcoming webinar, with viewing options offered for multiple time zones at

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