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Reduce costs by improving your aircraft software configuration capabilities through eEnabled Software Management (eESM)

Software Loading & Reporting Automation

Airline engineers are faced with a demand for improved aircraft software and reduced costs. However, the process of loading and managing the configuration of the software used by eEnabled assets of modern aircraft is often a surprisingly low-tech process. Many operators and MROs still utilize floppy disks, long-banished from most IT departments, as the norm for distributing new software releases – with tracking done via manual tools and processes.

Flatirons Solutions and Lufthansa Technik AG have cooperated to design and deploy the eESM to be a feature-rich tool to maintain and monitor all aspects of aircraft software. eESM works based on a simplified solution that eliminates much of manual tracking and disk-less connectivity using the ARINC 615 connector to improve configuration management visibility and improve AMT productivity.

The Benefits of our Solution

Electronic distribution eliminates the need for floppy disks and traditional means of distribution, thereby significantly reducing costs for logistics, data loading efforts and ultimately aircraft turnaround time. Software is easily updated by connecting portable data loaders using an onboard ARINC 615 connector.

Traditional means of delivery are unnecessary thanks to electronic software distribution. Flatirons and Lufthansa Technik’s 20 year partnership has lead to this revolutionary development in aircraft software management. eESM technology reduces your costs for logistics, data loading and turnaround time in a single solution.

Real-Time and Historical Views

eESM provides real-time reporting into the software configuration of your eEnabled assets, as well as historical reports on previous asset configurations.

Automate Configuration Status Based on EO Progress

As Engineering Order work proceeds with the aircraft in service, eESM is able to update the configuration status of the aircraft’s embedded eEnabled assets, allowing closed loop capture of work performance with no manual transcription.

No More Floppies!

eESM tracks the myriad software configurations of your eEnabled assets, and manages the software in a repository on-ground to be uploaded to your aircraft via modern technologies such as portable data loaders. These can easily be connected by using an onboard ARINC 615 connector.

eESM ressources associées

Téléchargez ces ressources pour en savoir plus sur notre expérience au service des principaux opérateurs et des MRO dans la gestion des actifs eEnabled.

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